Finding Your Next Chapter

When you find yourself with an empty nest, life suddenly starts to look a lot different--doesn’t it?

All the hustle and bustle of constantly doing, schlepping and figuring out the various activities, need to do’s and what have you for your kids just stops.

As in Full Stop. This part of parenting is over--you’re now on the sidelines instead of in the middle of the field calling the plays.

It’s exhilarating and bittersweet at the same time--I know you understand.

But it’s also a place to shift, to think about what it is you really want and to make some changes!

I call it finding your next chapter--looking inside to see what it is that sparks you and makes you want to get up in the morning!

And if you’re reading this--I’m betting that you love to cook (and perhaps would love to cook even better than you do now), are nutritionally aware and are likely a heart-centered woman wondering what your next chapter is going to be about.

You’re not done--you’re just getting started!

At NutriCoach, I meet women all the time who have those empty nests and asked those very same questions--like you, they’re not done yet! So they took the time to examine what it was that brought them joy in the past and how they could harness that going forward.

My students are women just like you who are here because they want their next chapter--and they are following their passions to serve and to help. I love women like this and helping them create a business where they can be aligned with their passions for cooking, nutrition, food and family is my greatest calling yet.

I have several retired teachers who have taught kids their entire careers and are now, as NutriCoaches, teaching cooking lessons to millennials who desperately need the help with kitchen skills, menu planning and getting dinner on the table for their own families. It is a full circle indeed.

My NutriCoach grads are teaching and changing the lives of the people they touch. It’s one of the most soul-satisfying things I’ve had the privilege to witness. 

This might be you--you’ve completed your “tour of duty” when it comes to raising your kids. You may still have a job, but you just don’t love it--or maybe, like my retired teachers, you’re coming to a place of retiring and all you know is, you’re not ready to be put out to pasture!

Life is rich, wonderful, and just beginning--remember that.

If you’re ready to do the next thing, write the next chapter and have your passion become your career (or a side hustle or however you want to define it), I’d love to hear all about it.


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