Are You A Frustrated Health Coach?

Coaching can be a very satisfying career--after all, your clients seek you out to get help with their nutrition and overall wellness. But sometimes the promise of having a lucrative career as a health coach just doesn’t happen. Your business is irregular at best, nonexistent at the worst.

Or maybe you’re frustrated--your clients aren’t getting the results they should be and they seem confused on how to deal with all these “health foods” you’re asking them to eat. They’re intimidated to have to actually cook them and need more guidance perhaps, than you’re able to give.

Or perhaps you are looking at your business and wondering what more you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition.  What can you do to gain more business and to give your clients more than they are getting now from you or anyone else?

As you know, a good coach will not only tell their clients what they need to do; they also teach them and show them how to do it, right?  

You may have years of training and education behind your credentials, giving tangible proof that you are an expert in your field, just like the thousands of others out there trying to make a name in their industry, or just in your town.  

But what makes you different? Stand out?  Can you walk your clients down the path of success to their best level of achievement, offering a level of service and knowledge that nobody else can?  

What is the differentiator that makes you better than the rest?  Why should people work with you?

Health coaches can talk all day about eating whole, healthy foods that support a healthy lifestyle, but that still leaves it up to your clients to figure out how to make that happen at home--and if they don’t know how to cook, you’re in for an uphill battle that will frustrate you and your client.  

The old adage of giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish applies here in a big way--if you can teach them or provide a meal prepping service, you’ve got them “hooked”!

By adding a NutriCoach™ certification to your existing credentials, you will be able to open new doors of possibility for your business and your clients.  After a few weeks of training you will be able to offer your clients any number of additional services to make their lives better, and your bank account bigger.  

Here are some examples of services you can offer:


Personalized Meal Planning

As a NutriCoach™ you will have lifetime access to the proprietary software of Dinner Answers™, where you can provide easy meal planning for any eating style, and as an extended service to your clients, you might also add a consistent monthly income stream from their subscriptions.  This web-based program will make meal planning and shopping a breeze for your people.


Meal Prep Services

Services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and numerous other meal delivery programs are a dime a dozen and they certainly add a layer of convenience for cooking a meal at home. However, they don’t teach you basic skills as much as they give you the raw materials. Plus, they leave a huge carbon footprint with all that waste. 

Creating meals for your clients helps them make the connection between good nutrition and good food!


Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons (especially the hands on variety) have become increasingly popular and can even become a social way of connecting your clients. NutriCoach grads typically sell a series of cooking lessons and have a stream of new clients constantly being added to their roster by word of mouth! It’s a fun and easy way to get new clients.


Private Chef

A high tiered service, this is for the NutriCoach who is confident in their skills and wants to serve their client on a whole new level.  From dinner parties, to cocktail parties and holiday get togethers, this is a premium priced service for the right client and the right NutriCoach.


Kitchen Organizer

There are people who help organize closets and clean out garages, but you can be a kitchen specialist.  Show your clients how to purge the bad foods in their pantry and stock up with the right stuff. Show them how to organize their kitchen spaces to make meal planning and preparation more efficient and less stressful.  Services like these are growing and in high demand.


Becoming a certified NutriCoach™ opens the door to other streams of income that fit easily and naturally into your health and wellness coaching.  Check it out and see why this will help you expand your business and give more service to your clients!


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