We will help you reach your career goals faster with our personalized coaching program


Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the personalized coaching program

  • Multiple calls to get your goals nailed down and your course of action in place early.

  • Weekly check ins and the ability to reach out to me directly for specific guidance.

  • Accountability--I will hold you to your goals.

  • Ask me anything and I’ll tell you all I know--nothing held back.


Here Is How The Personalized Coaching Program Works

  1. Discovery call in week 1--we start with plugging in what you want from this course and what your career goal is.

  2. Vision casting and goal setting call in week 2--we clarify your vision, plug in your goals and create your path to your new career.

  3. Feedback will be constant as you go--I will make sure you’re actively achieving your goals and doing so excellently.

  4. Business planning call in week 6--clarifying your vision even more, making sure your business is on track with pricing, services and branding all in place.

  5. Introductions when appropriate to potential collaborators and partners.

  6. Week 10 call to make sure you’re on track and everything is locked and loaded so you come out of the gate, ready to rock!

  7. Post course call. Now that you’re a grad, let’s make sure you’re on track and crushing it!

Are you ready to take that step?

As a coaching client, you will always have direct access to me for a quick question or to ask my opinion on something or whatever else you may need feedback on.

Each call will be conducted face to face on Zoom. At the conclusion of each call (an hour each), I will send you a summary of what we discussed, what you need to take action on and any resources you may need.


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